Über GP Strategies

We’re all about people.

We’re all about people.

From our global experience working across thousands of projects and initiatives over the past 55 years, we’ve learned that relationships, business, work, innovation, strategy, and transformation are all about people.

And, to put it simply, GP Strategies is about our people—an extensive global network of learning experts—supporting your people so that you can bring value to your workforce and your customers, stakeholders, and communities.

The world in which you compete and your people learn and perform is changing faster and more profoundly than ever before, and it isn’t going to slow down or become simpler in the future. Change and uncertainty is now the norm, and your people need the skills, methods, and tools to adapt and succeed for you.

Your future is defined by HOW your workforce executes on your vision, strategies, and tactics. When your people perform well, you succeed. If they don’t, you won’t. Your business needs the right people, processes, technologies, and leadership to gain and keep competitive advantage.

That’s why talent and organization transformation is our core deliverable.

Unsere Mitarbeitenden unterstützen Ihr Personal. Across our over 5,000-strong global family of engaging GP Strategies professionals, our team has hundreds of decades of real-world experience with the Consulting, Learning Services, and Technology solutions we create and deliver.

Our legacy of client success is because of the expansive and unparalleled creativity, problem-solving, and performance transforming know-how of our people. They are our not-so-secret power, at your service.

Deshalb ist die Leistungsoptimierung unser zweites Kernziel.

Unsere Mitarbeitenden unterstützen Ihr Personal. Across our thousands-strong global family of engaging GP Strategies professionals, our team has hundreds of decades of real-world experience delivering consulting, learning services and technologies solutions that perform. Unser Geschäft kann auf mehr als ein halbes Jahrhundert Erfolg zurückblicken, aber dieses großartige Erbe spiegelt nicht vollständig die Kompetenz unserer Mitarbeitenden bezüglich Kreativität, Problemlösung und Leistungstransformation wider. Sie sind unsere Geheimwaffe, zu Ihren Diensten.

Mission und Werte


To enable people and organizations to perform at their highest potential.


At GP Strategies, integrity is more than a word; it is in our DNA. Wir tun das Richtige, auch wenn es schwierig ist.

GP Strategies is built on people and relationships; the people who make up our teams and our customers’ teams, and the relationships that tie us all together.

One Team: Wir arbeiten zusammen am Erfolg. Unser Unternehmen ist besser, stärker und erfolgreicher, wenn wir die unterschiedlichen Erfahrungen, Kenntnisse und Stärken des GP Strategies Teams nutzen. Zusammen geht es voran.

Responsibility belongs to every person in every role at GP Strategies. Verantwortung und Pflichtgefühl gehen Hand in Hand. Wir streben stets Spitzenleistungen an. Hierfür übernehmen wir Verantwortung, um Projekte in Gang zu bringen, und zeigen Pflichtgefühl, wenn es darum geht, Projekte und Aufgaben erfolgreich abzuschließen.

Our success is based on our ability to continually advance our individual selves, our organization’s performance, and our customers’ success. Damit dies gelingt, arbeiten wir zukunftsorientiert, passen uns an neue Gegebenheiten an, setzen auf Neugier und Kreativität und gehen neue Herausforderungen durchdacht an.