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Leading Through Change

Enabling leaders to confidently navigate change.

Change is inevitable in every organization, and your leaders should be equipped with the competencies, behaviors, and mindsets that are required to effectively lead through change.

In this three-part series, participants will learn how to navigate the change process and formulate an effective change management plan while understanding the impact of change and learning to apply tools to lead others through change. This course also features a pre-program assessment in which both participants and feedback providers assess skill and competency levels in the area of change.

Designed for mid-level experienced leaders, the ideal class size for this workshop is 25 participants to allow for thoughtful conversations, small group breakouts, and valuable interactions.

Program Structure

This program will be delivered in three 2-hour virtual instructor-led (VILT) sessions.

Module 1: Creating Change-Capable Leaders

Learning outcomes

  • Articulate your role in leading change.
  • Understand the role trust plays in building relationships to effectively lead change.
  • Examine the mindsets (growth and agile) needed to lead others through change.

Module 2: Navigating the Change Process

Learning outcomes

  • Recognize and understand the key components of the change process when initiating change.
  • Understand the role of the sponsor and key stakeholders to ensure the success of the change.
  • Examine what is required to create an effective change management plan.

Module 3: Leading People Through Change

Learning outcomes

  • Recognize and understand reactions to change.
  • Explore the role resistance plays in a change initiative.
  • Examine the R2P2 Model as a framework to guide and support people as they go through change.

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