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GP Strategies partners with Technical Training Professionals to deliver high-end eLearning through GPiLEARN+™

COLUMBIA, Md., June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global workforce transformation solutions provider GP Strategies (NYSE: GPX) announced today that it has partnered with Technical Training Professionals (TTP) to bring exciting, industry-leading eLearning content to energy industry customers using the GPiLEARN+™ training solution. TTP, who specialize in the high-end visual presentation of technical information, have been offering state-of-the-art training materials for the utility and manufacturing industries since 2003. Through this new partnership, GP Strategies can flexibly deploy TTP’s content to end users through the GPiLEARN+ platform, or directly to an existing customer platform using the proven GPiLEARN+ content server model.

GPiLEARN+ is an industry-leading online training solution that is designed to help technical companies solve workforce-development and regulatory-compliance challenges. With over 70,000 end users, the product features a deep off-the-shelf catalog of over 1,200 eLearning lessons covering topics such as OSHA, environmental, NERC, craft skills, power fundamentals, renewables, and more. The TTP content is an exciting addition to the overall content offering and will provide an engaging experience for plant personnel as they develop their knowledge on the equipment they operate and maintain on a daily basis.

"We are pleased to have Technical Training Professionals’ state-of-the-art training courses for the energy industry as part of GPiLEARN+," said Don Duquette, Executive Vice President of Technical Performance Solutions at GP Strategies. "GPiLEARN+ is already an outstanding training solution, and the added visuals that will be available to learners will make it even more effective."

"A founding goal of Technical Training Professionals was to develop technical training in a dynamic learning format using detailed 3D models and animations," said Kelsey Gamble, CEO of TTP. "By presenting realistic visuals, we strive to set the industry standard. A new partnership with TTP and GP Strategies, a globally acclaimed training and workforce improvement provider, will deliver high-end equipment-specific training to the dynamic workforce of today and the future."

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