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LEO Learning and Visa Win Two Bronze Brandon Hall Awards for Learning Game and Platform

The following news was released prior to LEO Learning joining GP Strategies.

LEO Learning’s gamified learning program for Visa has won double Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards for “Best Results of a Learning Program” and “Best Program for Sales and Training Performance”.

BRIGHTON, UK — September 23, 2021 — LEO Learning, a market leader in global learning strategycontent, and technology, has won two Bronze Awards at the prestigious Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards 2021. These awards recognize the design, development, distribution, and results of a learning program made for Visa.

The awards won were for “Best Results of a Learning Program” and “Best Program for Sales and Training Performance”. The latter was won in partnership with LEO’s sister company Watershed.

Visa’s learning program is comprised of a learning game, gamified learning platform, product-knowledge scenario-based eLearning modules, and in-depth analytics. Created in close collaboration between LEO’s design team, Watershed, and the L&D team at Visa University, the program underwent several rounds of testing for usability, engagement levels, and learning outcomes, including a beta release, before a full launch in August 2020.

The program was designed around the learning measurement needs of Visa and fully integrated using xAPI into Visa’s instance of Watershed’s Learning Analytics Platform. This allows them to continuously improve the learning experience following the analysis of data including metrics such as time spent learning, scoring, and behavioral change.

The main focus of the program was to increase learning engagement and uptake of product knowledge training among salespeople in the organization. The primary business objective of the program was to change the approach to sales, which resulted in a significant increase in sales in the first three months for those who had completed the program. On top of this, Visa surpassed its uptake target of 1,000 engaged learners within three months of launch.

Andrew Joly, LEO Learning’s Director of Strategic Design said: “It is a great honor to be recognized for not only one, but two Brandon Hall awards for the program we developed with Visa. This recognition of our learning program for Visa is a testament to two key foundations of our work – the effectiveness of learning games and the importance of learning measurement. I am incredibly proud of the team for creating such a hugely impactful and engaging learning program that continues to drive Visa’s product training around the world.”

Peter Dobinson, Director of Client Services at Watershed said: “Visa has been a fantastic partner of Watershed for many years now. They have time and time again demonstrated the impact learning analytics can have on improving employee and organizational performance for the better. Working with our sister company LEO on the design of this content has also meant we could ensure that the data and analytic requirements were not just added as an afterthought, but were baked into the program from the very beginning so that we could utilize the analytics to continually improve the program as it was developed.”

Minette Chan, Snr Director, Head of Learning & Enablement, Global Products at Visa said: “Working with LEO and Watershed on our gamified learning solution has been a great experience. The team was incredibly responsive, open to collaboration, and worked closely with us throughout the process. The final product surpassed expectations and we’ve seen great results from the program in the year since its full launch. We are really excited that our work with LEO and Watershed has been recognized in not one, but two, Brandon Hall Awards.”

An image of the two Brandon Hall award logos that LEO has won for the learning game, gamified platform, and product-knowledge eLearning created for Visa

About Watershed
Founded in Nashville, Tenn., in 2016, Watershed is a Learning Analytics Platform that lets you measure and prove the business impact of learning. Watershed is a customizable SaaS-based solution that collects, aggregates, and standardizes data from across your learning ecosystem. By matching this with other data sets such as HR, IS or other performance data, our reporting lets you assess the effectiveness of your learning programs, learner performance, and vendor effectiveness.

We enable organizations to maximize their investments enabling the continuous improvement of learning and development. Since its founding, this young, high-growth organization has developed a portfolio of Fortune 500 global clients—such as Visa, Verizon, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Caterpillar, and more.

Watershed is part of Learning Technologies Group plc’s award-winning group of specialist learning technology businesses.

To learn more, visit watershedLRS.com.

About LEO Learning
LEO Learning believes that learning innovation has the power to deliver transformational results. Our purpose is to help create and deploy technology-enabled learning to deliver outcomes precisely aligned to organizational goals. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, we design engaging learning content, supported by systems that fit seamlessly into businesses and improve performance, at scale.

Our specialist division, LEO GRC, offers an extensive range of custom and off-the-shelf Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solutions that completely align regulatory policies and procedures.

LEO Learning’s expanding global customer base includes eight of the top 10 banks, seven of the top 10 investment firms, as well as organizations such as Kraft Heinz, L’Oréal, Visa, World Health Organization, Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota, Kia Motors, Caterpillar, Anglo American, Fidelity International, KPMG, Shell, and the UK National Health Service (NHS) and Ministry of Defence.

LEO Learning is part of Learning Technologies Group plc’s award-winning group of specialist learning technology businesses.