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Improving Performance of Manufacturing Skilled Trades Personnel


Plant skilled trades workers require large amounts of time to diagnose equipment faults during malfunctions and breakdowns. A large amount of time is expended looking in manuals and training materials for diagnostic processes and repair procedures in order to find the information needed to execute repairs. This increases mean time to repair and production downtime.

Create a searchable library of video demonstrations that provide audio visual information pertaining to equipment diagnosis, repair, and maintenance procedures. Make the information available on various handheld devices and platforms.

Additionally, continually changing work requirements and increased equipment complexity make it impossible for the worker to commit all the information they may need to memory after training has been completed. Classroom and web-based training interventions alone are not effective, because some information must be delivered during actual repair activities to have maximum impact on worker behavior.


Despite best efforts to train and upskill employees, even the most tenured worker may not have the information at their disposal to address every equipment issue they may encounter in the workplace. The client required a method to provide equipment information and reference materials to their skilled trades workers in a quick, easy to use format that was both comprehensive and portable so the information can be accessed lineside on the job. Additionally, the information had to be in a format that provided demonstrations for the worker to observe and then emulate on the job during repair and maintenance activities.


To resolve this issue, GP equipment specialists created electronic format videos pertaining to targeted tasks that often required additional information and performance support for tasks that the trades have to perform quickly on the job. GP specialists started with a list of high-demand critical procedures as the targets for creating the performance support videos.

The videos were archived in a searchable system that provided easy access by plant personnel and can be viewed on mobile devices at the work site at any time. The videos address critical repair procedures and new equipment technology. We quickly produced over three hundred videos that address maintenance and repair procedures.


  • Improved worker safety
  • Provides performance support that is specific to the actual equipment, procedures, and standards used in the client’s facilities
  • Reduced time spent searching for information on the job
  • Reduced time needed to perform maintenance and repair tasks
  • Improved maintenance and repair procedure consistency
  • Reduced downtime and mean time to repair

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