Messungen und Analysen

Achieving Clarity Through Enhanced L&D Measurement

Insights To Support Effective Decision-Making

Successfully measuring the effectiveness and impact of learning can be an elusive process for many organizations. It is often not a core competency, and many don’t know where to begin with the measurement of learning, leading to frustration and missed opportunities to reap the benefits of real measurement.

Our world-leading learning impact measurement and analytics experts can help you discover where your strengths and weaknesses are and help you gain deeper insights into where and how to improve your learning initiatives.

We can help you analyze, optimize, prove, and improve the impact of learning by:

  1. Demonstrating the business impact of learning initiatives
  2. Creating and launching enterprise-wide measurement strategies
  3. Building measurement as an organizational capability
  4. Automating tedious and time-consuming data gathering and reporting

Our Measurement and Analytics Services

Measure the Business Impact of Learning

We leverage a scientific approach to isolate the business impact of learning. Our measurement consultants work with your team to map a path from investment to your strategic priorities.

  • Measurement Map® | Illustrates a causal relationship between your learning investment and the organization’s strategic goals.
  • Analysis Plan | Rules out plausible alternative explanations with a credible impact analysis design.
  • Dashboard | Collects the necessary data for initiative-specific visualization of results.
  • Impact Study | Proves and improves the business impact of your learning investment.

Our measurement approach has played a key role in helping our clients win numerous learning industry awards.

And, GP Strategies has been named to Training Industry’s “Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Companies” for the past three years.

Organizational Measurement Strategy

Whether you lack a centralized approach to measurement or must progress your organization’s measurement capabilities, we can help. Our measurement experts can guide you through a successful, repeatable process that approaches measurement from a holistic, sustainable perspective.

Our experts use a building block approach that deconstructs measurement to:

  • Gain internal alignment about what is realistic for your organization and what it is capable of measuring.
  • Prioritize your organization’s measurement ambitions.
  • Establish a clear, actionable plan.

The Measurement Academy™

We want you to love measurement as much as we do.

Discover the process our measurement experts use to demonstrate the business impact of learning initiatives.  This process and business impact study results have played a key role in helping learning organizations gain industry recognition for a wide variety of programs.

Measurement Academy courses are skill-building online learning journeys that use high-touch, high-tech blended learning experiences comprised of videos, articles, case studies, weekly live coaching sessions, and assignments with personalized feedback from our coaches.

Analytics and Insights

Many organizations need help compiling their data in a way that leads to meaningful reporting and deep insights. The result of this strategy? Insights that only scratch the surface.

Let us help you aggregate, cleanse, and visualize your data across your learning ecosystem to see what’s really working—and what’s not.

With this service offering, we bring it all together for you by combining the power of a learning analytics platform with GP Strategies’ experts to build out a dashboard that highlights the new ISO HCM metrics as well as custom metrics unique to your organization.

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  • Beratungsdienstleistungen | Wir bringen Vision und Strategie in Einklang, um integrierte und systematische Geschäftsergebnisse zu liefern, die das Wachstum fördern und einen Wandel aus der Belegschaft heraus bewirken.
  • Lerndienstleistungen | Wir bieten moderne Lernstrategien, Inhalte, Experiences und Bereitstellungsansätze für eine optimierte Performance Ihrer Mitarbeiter.
  • Technologien | Ein Ökosystem aus Lern- und Talenttools, Systemen, Plattformen und Know-how, das die Lern- und Talent-Transformation ermöglicht.


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