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Fundamentals of Asset Performance Management Workshop


GP Strategies offers a comprehensive two day workshop, designed with industry best practices and implementation strategies to help you establish a successful APM program at your organization


The GP Strategies APM workshop focuses on three main areas.

PART 1: Introduction: Identify the critical elements of APM, Understand the importance of asset and integrity assurance and Understand the benefits of a developing an asset management strategy.

PART 2: Data Collection/Mapping & Validation: Assess your current asset management program framework, Understand your data sources (computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), process data, transactional data, etc and Determine your organization’s current barriers and pain points and prioritize areas that need improvement.

PART 3: Strategy Recommendation: Present findings and key enablers to building a sustainable APM program, Recommend quick wins and a long-term asset management strategy, Develop your APM roadmap and Discuss the link between improvements and ROI.