Leadership Acceleration Course


Leadership Acceleration is a digitally enabled leadership journey that allows experienced leaders to become more aware of how they show up for their teams and accomplish results for their organizations. Through this course, learners gain insight into how competence and connection are essential ingredients to effectively motivate and engage their teams to contribute to the organization’s success. Leadership Acceleration brings proven leadership content to life in a highly engaging, flexible, modern environment with a community of learners—supported by a leadership coach—who learn, share, and support each other. The program is globally scalable, capable of reaching large populations of leaders efficiently and effectively.


  • Learn the skills to successfully navigate the challenges of a more senior role
  • Reflect on leadership mindsets including a focus on growth, inclusive, agile, and enterprise mindsets
  • Explore your own emotional intelligence and what makes you unique as a leader
  • Learn how leaders can get the job done through strategic thinking, developing a strong talent pipeline, and influencing

Other Details

Leadership Acceleration provides the learner with relevant, bite-sized assets they can access from any device, any time and anywhere.

This asynchronous, innovative framework is highly scalable—accommodating cohorts of 60–100 learners.